Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A little bit of weather . . .

Mother Nature has been a little more light on with the rain than usual of late.

Inland Australia is not renowned for rain anyway - the spectacular floods usually happen on the coast.  Inland is more at the 'drought' end of the vivid descriptions in Dorothea McKellar's wonderful poem, My Country.

But this arvo, the clouds gathered and approached, with that wonderful portent, the Smell of Rain.

And all at once, it was raining!

I always feel that my garden emits a kind of yearning when rain is on its way; and sighs in bliss when it comes.  Perhaps I'm bonkers.  But then again, maybe we are closer to nature than we know.

Enough rain fell to gather on the edge of the petunia's petals . . . (aren't these flowers a clever design, like a funnel!)

and to drip down the leaves on the corn in my vegie patch, and on the ornamental pear . . .

It was really only a rain shower - it only lasted for about 10 minutes before speeding on before the wind.

Nonetheless, I am grateful for any rain at the moment . . . and it does make me inexplicably happy!  


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