Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Vintage Vibe

Over 10 years ago, my beloved grandmother died.  One thing of my grandmother's, which always makes me think of her, is this little thing:

It's a scales for a meat hook.  The hook (missing) is meant to go in the little circle at the bottom.

Apparently, when the butcher's boy, rabbitoh or such delivered your meat (probably on a bicycle), you checked its weight on a gadget like this.  Your scales device would be hanging up somewhere handy, you'd put the meat on the hook at the base, and the weight of it would cause the little metal bobble (technical term) to slide down the gauge on the left and tell you how many imperial pounds ('lb') it weighed.  Cool, eh!

Another thing I like about this little gadget is that it dates from a time when England had a thriving manufacturing sector . . .

This dear little thing, which reminds me of my grandmother, also sowed a seed in my heart.

Ever since, I have had a fascination for all things vintage, particularly household vintage.

While I have never really had the means to indulge this passion in a big way, I do occasionally save up for, and splurge on, the odd item (in the same way as others might indulge in jewellery or another pair of shoes).

My latest mini-splurge was for this little beauty:

Here it is, hanging in my kitchen:

As you can see, there is still plenty of room for future Vintage Kitchen Miscellany purchases!  

I also particularly like this interesting egg whisk, which, similarly, was 'Made in England':

You may have noticed that my grandmother's meat hook is not hanging up with the other items.  It is too small for the main hanging display, being only about eight cm long, so it has its own spot in the kitchen . . .

I particularly like visiting Down Memory Lane (Canberra) to browse for items of interest.  Maybe I'll see you there - I am the one with daggy shoes and no jewellery!



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