Monday, 4 February 2013

When Vintage meets Gardening

I just couldn't resist posting a photo of my lovely barrow.  It is of unknown age and origin, inherited from a neighbour's chuck outs.  Ain't she sweet?

This summer I have planted the barrow up with a cheery array of petunias.  They gladden my heart every time I step out the back door to hang the washing out!

Here's the view of my beloved barrow from the back door . . . . (as you can see, things are a bit summer-scruffy in this part of the garden - notably the dill all gone to seed in the foreground, and a prostrate rock rose in its death throes behind the barrow - but hey, this is Australia after all - droughts and flooding rains)

closer . . .

and, the petunias close up . . . bliss!

And I reckon the Hills hoist clothes line is a bit vintage Australiana and all!



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