Saturday, 16 March 2013

Autumn joy

I just have to celebrate the Coming of Autumn!  Autumn is my favourite season in Canberra: the days become milder, and the very air seems fresher somehow.

And what better to herald Autumn in my garden than Sedum 'Autumn Joy'?
The bees can't get enough of it!

I also particularly love the leaves of my Japanese maple (Sango Kaku) at this time - they start 'turning' at the ends of the branches first.

Other trees in my garden are only just starting to think about turning - it has still been rather warm during the day, but with cooler overnight temperatures.  So I guess the current display is the Autumn opening number, with the main show still to come.

Some of the plants that are putting on a show at this time are the fringe flower (loropetalum) . . .

some of the pelargoniums which had been on strike during the excessive mid-summer heat . . .

this variegated liriope, which seems to thrive in its rather shady spot . . .

and the crowea, which is just a riot of lovely little pink stars.  Croweas are a small Australian native understorey shrub.  They are known to be a bit temperamental (if I had known this I would not have bought it), but this one seems happy under an ornamental pear at the edge of a retaining wall, above a daphne.  Who'd have thought?

And I do like the crab apples.  This is the first year they have borne fruit!  I hope the crab apples will hold on through winter - I love the visual impact of red berries in otherwise-stark winter landscapes.

Meanwhile, the purple beans (purple king) and tomatoes (tommy toe) are going gangbusters in the vegie patch.  The pics below were taken this morning, and I was actually surprised there were any to photograph, as we had picked heaps yesterday.  But there were!

As you can see from the tomato picture, I have totally lost control of any kind of neat staking arrangement!  Yet this tommy toe tomato doesn't seem to care, it just keeps on fruiting!  I haven't had any romas to harvest as yet, but there are a lot of green and yellowing romas.  

I will share my favourite tomato soup recipe soon, in another post.

Slightly cheesily yet sincerely, I just want to add that I totally agree with George Eliot, who so eloquently enthused:

'Delicious Autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, as if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.'


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