Saturday, 2 March 2013

Doily frenzy

It can get a little dull working on a big crochet project, because there can be no ta-daa moment until it's finished.

I am working on a lovely (I hope) gingham rug at the moment, but it's slow-going.  In the spirit of 'sometimes it's nice to have a break and do something else for a bit', I have been looking around for a little project as a change of pace.

Suddenly, Doily Frenzy happened.  It all started when one of my colleagues made a lovely pot of green tea one afternoon.  (In our overstretched workplace, it has become a habit to have a pot of tea mid-afternoon to get away from the stress for a few minutes.)  Suddenly it was obvious - the teapot was sitting on a sticky note.  This was clearly Not Right.  It was patently clear that a Doily was Needed.

On learning that my colleague's favourite colour was blue, I crocheted a blue doily from this pattern and  it landed on her desk the next day.

My colleague was delighted!  The work teapot has had a comforting seat ever since.

Since then, crochet has been discussed at the tea point on several occasions, and more doilies have appeared on desks!

 I have made doilies from the same pattern before, some of which are of wool and are used as pot holders (see my Ravelry page here).

The new doilies are all made from 8 ply cotton, mainly from my Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton stash . .
 . . . (the stash bag is made from this hugely popular pattern at Attic24's blog)

except for this one (for my boss, who loves green),

which was made from this 8 ply Sublime Egyptian mercerised cotton (which I have to say is Truly sublime to work with).

Cotton is a great medium for these doilies because it washes well and only needs a light press on the back to look good as new.

I feel so much better having had a good dose of doily therapy.  I now feel able to progress my gingham rug - hopefully to completion.  But I suspect there could be some more doily-bombing in the future.


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