Sunday, 31 March 2013

Finally finished - my gingham rug!

I just had to post a picture of my completed gingham crochet rug!  It has been quite a task getting it finished, as I had started off doing a larger version than the pattern stated - not realising the challenge in this.

I admit that I had to give myself a stern talking-to a few times, so as not to stray onto another large project and leaving it as an eternal WIP (work in progress).   I find having too many WIPs on the go a bit depressing.  However, I am glad I persevered, and have completed it before winter sets in.  I am very happy with the result!

So . . .  ta daaa!

Here is my gingham rug in its new home, amongst friends.  I do like its vintage look, and it has a rather nice density that should make it nice and warm.

As you can see, I decided to do the last row of the (dc/USsc) border in a contrasting colour.  I also did a narrower border than the pattern stated - as I had done a larger rug, it didn't seem to need such a wide border.  And OK, I was almost 'over it' by then!

So I now have two things to celebrate - a lovely finished object, and the fact that I can now permit myself to start on something new!
PS: Ravelry has been something of a revelation to me in quite a number of ways, not the least being the different names/terms for things in different parts of the English-speaking world.  Here, we use blanket and rug almost interchangeably - rugs being the sort you might use more casually, such as on the sofa, in the car or on a picnic.  However, I have suddenly realised that to others, a rug is primarily a floor covering.  There is also this mysterious term 'afghan', which we never use.  But we all pretty much seem to agree on 'blanket'!  Intriguing!

Anyway, I hope I haven't confused anyone other than myself by calling my gingham 'blanket' a 'rug'!



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