Monday, 25 March 2013

Good Bones

I am lucky to be enjoying a few days' leave.  As it's unseasonably warm this week - today it's 28 degrees! - I decided to Go Out today to see how our fair city and its trees are looking.  So off I went to Red Hill Lookout.

Canberra was intended to be a garden city.  Luckily, it still has some of its 'good bones' left, mainly in Old Canberra.  

Here, you can see the delightfully functional planning of the Parliamentary Triangle.

It was also nice to see a teensy bit of autumn colour (it's still a bit early for the big show).
As you can see, it's a touch hazy today - there's been a few 'fire hazard reduction' burns over the last few days.

Impulsively, I decided to venture on from Red Hill Lookout to the new Arboretum.   This is a new national institution that is all about trees.

Its inception has been somewhat controversial, because of the amount of money that was spent on it while the government was simultaneously 'crying poor' and closing schools.  Because of this, I have been a bit reluctant to give it my stamp of approval up till now.

However, today I decided that it wasn't the trees' fault that governments make bad decisions.  And besides, I was curious to see the trees.  So up I went.  

And I found it again.  Good Bones.

From Dairy Farmers Hill, I saw swathes of immature trees planted in attractively designed groves, and great views of the lake and surrounds.  These trees, I though to myself, are going to be spectacular in 20 to 50 years!  I thoroughly approve of investing in trees for future generations.

This interesting sculpture was atop a rocky outcrop on Dairy Farmers' Hill:

Dr Google tells me this is an eagle, and that the sculpture is made mainly from abandoned farm machinery.  I like it!

Further snaps from my excursion show the diversity of the plantings:

According to a helpful volunteer, the dragon trees have to be netted at this time of year to stop the white cockatoos eating all the new growth.

Informative signs are dotted around.

The dogwoods are starting to change colour!

Isn't the monkey puzzle - such a structurally interesting tree!

When I got back home, I had trees on the brain.  In an inspirational moment, I took a couple of pictures of my own gorgeous ornamental pears.

These trees are looking sensational right now - I am just loving the red and yellow mixed with the fresh green.  And after today's travels, I am particularly appreciative of the Good Bones these trees give to my own garden.  


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