Thursday, 4 April 2013

Woohoo - my new slow combustion wood heater!

Things have been a bit topsy turvy here for a few days.  I have been moving shelves and their many (too many!) contents out of the lounge room to make way for a slow combustion wood heater.  Most of the stuff ended up on the dining room table . . . !

And here is my fire!

It's a free standing Turbo 10, which sits on a rather nice corner hearth that just goes on top of the carpet.     I chose this particular model of wood heater because it can go closer to walls than other models, and I have a small house where space is at a premium.  You can see the firebricks lining the cavity.  The authorised installer is just finishing putting the flue thru the ceiling and roof now - I can hear noises above me.

I have wanted a wood heater for a long, long time.  In fact, this longing is part of the childhood dream cottage - you know, the one with roses climbing around the doorway and a cat on the mat!  Somehow I never let it go, and now my cosy fire is a reality!  I'm inordinately excited - can you tell??

Up till now, I only had electric wall heaters that cost a fortune to run - and Canberra is very cold in winter.  We regularly get heavy frosts and overnight temperatures of between -5 and -10 Celsius.  Leccy is set to go up astronomically and I really had to do something to keep us warm without breaking the bank.  I am rather glad that my heating will no longer be at the mercy of the local power corporation.  I hasten to add that my wood heater will be 'green' - they tell me that wood heating is more green than electricity, which is generally coal-fired.   (Most of the pollution problems with fires in the past related to the burning of coal and coke).

I will post more pics of my lovely fire once the furniture is rearranged and everything is cosily in its place!   I still have to order wood, and put in a new power point, and . . . lots to do, so see you anon.


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