Friday, 3 May 2013

I'm so excited . . . !

Sorry about the lateness of this post . . there have been a bunch of things that have kept me away, including my daughter having to go to hospital for a few days, and my own health (all AOK now).

However, I am now COMPLETELY focused on an event on 11 May, which is a family celebration of note because the honoured guest is having a Significant Birthday.  We have hired out a function room at this lovely art deco hotel, and guess what?  I am doing the decorating!!!

I am so excited about it!  It is going to have a vintage theme because the honoured guest is a little bit vintage himself.  My brother is putting together some 30's-40's music, and my sister is arranging the cake . . . and I can't say any more now in case the person sees this blog, but stay tuned!

I will update this post with photos of the decorations in their full glory after the event.

See you then


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