Saturday, 29 June 2013

A sunny Sunday in mid-winter

Although the winter solstice has come and gone, the coldest part of winter is about to come.   Yet I cannot help but love this time of year in the garden.  It gently reminds me that 'everything has a season', and that it is OK to rest and take stock.  And joy of joys, it is a Sunny Day today, so out I go armed with the camera.

Even in rest mode, some things are incrementally moving along in my garden, in a sort of not-quite-suspended animation.  Yes, the grassy bits are looking very daggy at present.  BUT . . .

The daffodils are in bud, and deadnettle is still romping about under the ornamental pear . . .

Heartsease (Johnny jump up) is popping up everywhere - I just love the way it makes itself at home.  One of these days I am going to officially name my house 'Heartsease', as these dear little plants never fail to bring joy to my heart.

The silver birch trees are nonchalantly showing off their gorgeous white trunks and general architectural brilliance . . .

and the three ash trees along the road (street trees) have already put on their ferny winter couture.

These osmanthuses (or should that be osmanthi?) are about to be smothered in their tiny but powerfully fragrant blossoms.

The crowea is still spot flowering - what a champion plant.

In the vegie patch, the spinach seedlings ('Popeye' variety) I planted a couple of weeks ago are doing well, and lo and behold, my two tardy caulis have developed heads in response to the wood ash I sprinkled around them!  Yay!

Still a few aphids about though - hiding in sheltered places.  Here comes the soap, fellas!

And I am still in awe of my dear viburnums who just keep on keeping on, looking their usual reliable best and shrugging off mere annoyances like 'weather' and 'climate change', God love 'em.

Have a happy day!


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