Monday, 17 June 2013

Crocheting slippers

I love Winter in Canberra.  The garden has a rest, which means I can get on with relaxing near the fire with a mug of hot chocolate and some crochet!

My current project is slippers.  Last Winter, I made these lovely crochet slipper boots from this Garnstudio pattern, and wore them constantly as they were so warm and comfy (pattern highly recommended).  The pattern calls for 12 ply (bulky) yarn.  I used Patons Wilderness - a wool/acrylic mix.  I wore them A Lot last Winter.

Unfortunately, after only a couple of wears this Winter, I discovered that I had worn a hole in the sole!   Dismay!

Here they are, looking a bit worn, I will admit.

OK, OK, it was definitely time for new slippers.

I had no 12 ply (bulky yarn) in my stash, but had an abundance of 8 ply (double knit).  After hunting around, I found this pattern on Purl bee, which simply uses granny squares! 

So far, so good . . . six granny squares per slipper.

One . . .

Two . . .

And Voila!

I admit that I found the joining a bit challenging (as I don't have what I call a '3D brain'), but I am quite pleased with the final product!  And truly, happiness is warm tootsies!


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