Sunday, 9 June 2013

Queen's Birthday Holiday

Ah, it is so luxurious to have a long weekend!

You know what I mean - working full time means trying to get larger household tasks like washing completed on your weekend.  So having an extra day in the weekend means a true day off!

Today it is overcast and a bit gloomy (which is unusual for Canberra - our winter days are usually crisp  and clear, with frosty mornings and an abundance of bright sunshine).

So, the fire is on . . .

(So Warming!  It is truly the best heater I have ever had, and it adds such ambience and a sense of comfort to my home!)

Breakie was bacon and and eggs with some added parsley from the garden scattered on top . . .

I am so lucky that my parsley just keeps self-sowing and popping up.

Then a brief wander around the garden (see related post) before heading back inside to tackle some good reading and crochet.

I am currently crocheting what started out being a 'scoodie' from this pattern, but has ended up as a wide scarf as I didn't like the pointiness of the hood.  If anyone knows of a scoodie pattern that has a nice, rounded, graceful hood, I would be very grateful!



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