Friday, 12 July 2013

Cool denim throw rug (2) - et voila! - UPDATED

You may recall this stashbusting project I embarked on some time ago.  I *finally* finished it a couple of nights ago, after adding an edging consisting of one row of dc (sc) and a final 'chain arch' row.

I am in two minds about the edging, but am loving the rug's random stripy goodness!

Here's the edging close up.  It is quite a neat edge, though I am contemplating doing Bunny Mummy's double V edging instead.

If I do, I will update the post and let you know.   I want it to look 'right' as the rug will be a gift for my daughter, who is feeling the cold this winter.

Have a happy day



In the end I did re-do the edging.  I found a happy medium, making clusters of three trebles in cream, then doing a chain arch row in ruby.  Here's a pic of the new edging:


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