Friday, 9 August 2013

Dreaming of my spring garden

You know how you go into a kind of mental hibernation during winter?  I was certainly in that sleepy warm state last week.

But this week, there was a noticeable change of mood.  Sure, things are still wintry outside, but I have been awoken from my hibernating state with pleasant thoughts of the coming spring.  

This came about when two lovely things arrived in the post.  The first was my new membership pack for the Diggers Club (I have been meaning to join up for some time, but only got my act together last weekend).

The pack came with this Garden Annual catalogue . . .

As you can see, it is a feast for the eyes (and hopefully, in due course, a feast for our tummies and a boon for the garden).

AND, it came with a pack of heirloom herb seeds! 

I have not grown some of these herbs before.  I am particularly looking forward to giving Florence fennel a go.  

The membership pack also came with these bonus seeds.  I was not expecting these!  You will recall that I plant tomatoes every year, and am particularly fond of heirloom tomatoes like Tommy Toe because of their flavour.  What a selection!  And love-in-a-mist, being easy care, will fit right in.

Then, my monthly Gardening Australia magazine arrived . . .

With a packet of microgreens!  

I have marked this article for close attention . . .

As someone who has planted at least 30 trees on my previously hot, bare, desert-like block, I am very much 'into' the value of trees.

And on a tree-ish note, a further gardenesque thing happened this week - a couple of bare-rooted trees were left on my doorstep by a kind friend.  So now I have a silver birch and three more crabapples to find a homes for in my garden.  They too will fit right in!

So here's to the weekend!  Mine is going to be filled with productive gardening.

I hope you enjoy yours.


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