Sunday, 18 August 2013

False spring

The last few days have seen warmer temperatures than usual, but with very strong winds.  It seems that a lot of spring plants think spring is almost here

While wintry conditions are sure to return any day, it is lovely to enjoy the hint of spring.

Here's what's happening:

These ornamental trees - plum (foreground) and pear (background) - are budding up.

Above and below are some of my hellebores, which are nodding prettily under various deciduous trees.

And I am loving this japonica (flowering quince), below, though it is still too little for me to bring any branches in to display.

And finally, this pretty wax flower, with its pink buds and starry flowers.

The promise of spring really had me thinking it was really here, but as I write, a cold front is moving towards us.  Farewell, false Spring.  Hopefully the real one will be along shortly.


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