Saturday, 28 September 2013

Addicted to crocheting scarves!

I am not completely sure whether I should refer to more than one scarf as 'scarfs' or 'scarves'.  However, what I am sure of is the sweet addictiveness of crocheting them!  Apart from the fact that crocheting scarves has saved my sanity over the last few weeks, I am loving the fact that I can contemplate and make a variety of pretty stitches, borders and colours AND complete my project in just a few days.  Ah, the satisfaction!

Over the last couple of weeks I have completed this green lacy scarf (the subject of this post which contains a link to the lacy pattern) . . .

the blue lacy scarf below (same main pattern as the green, but with an interesting ruffly border) . . .

and this ruby-coloured scarf of my own invention below - voila!

I have posted basic instructions for this scarf on my Ravelry page, here.  Happy to provide more info if required.

All of the above scarves have been made using standard 8 ply (ie double-knit) merino from my stash.

I am enjoying my scarf-making adventures and plan to make a few more.

Now that 'summer is a-coming in' here and the days are getting delightfully warm, I am planning to make my next scarf  using 8 ply cotton.  As you know, cotton behaves quite differently from wool as it has minimal stretch, so I will be seeking out some patterns that work well with cotton yarn.  I will post links to any interesting scarf patterns that I find that work well in cotton at a later date.

[Slightly off-topic but just for fun, and because of the gorgeous Spring weather today, I feel inspired to provide this link to my favourite rendition of the ancient folk song 'Sumer is icumen in' for your edification - it comes from the opening ceremony of the 1974 Olympics and involved thousands of school children.  I always get goosebumps watching it.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.]



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