Saturday, 14 September 2013

Being calm and mindful . . .

There's one week to go before my daughter's wedding, and things are getting quite frazzled with last minute nerves.  There are issues related to bridesmaid's shoes and dress fittings.  And a particularly significant person, namely the bride's father (my ex), who lives interstate, has been trying to offload his last minute travel and accommodation difficulties onto the bride (which has made me very cross!).

Yesterday, my darling bride-to-be was in tears.  I spent quite some time yesterday calming her down, reassuring her, and working out solutions.  I have to admit that it was exhausting, and by the end of the day I was feeling quite overwhelmed by it all.  

So today, I have resolved to tackle the rest of the week by being Calm and Mindful.  I am not necessarily into meditation or such, but I do rather like the concept of mindfulness, in which one consciously dwells on the present.  This is extremely helpful when feeling overwhelmed.  I tend to forget all about it when all is fine and dandy, and recall it when everything starts to go pear-shaped.

So today, I have been Mindful whilst going about my day.  I Mindfully washed this woollen rug and  focused on lining up the squares while I was laying it out flat to dry . . .

Then I Mindfully focused on the comforting repetitions of this lacy scarf pattern (which I had found via Ravelry the other day.

Whilst crocheting, I was kept company by Rosie, our cat.  When she jumped down and found a patch of sun in which to peacefully groom herself, I stopped to watch her.

I found that watching her was quite a nice, peaceful, Mindful thing to focus on (though I admit that a number of other more intrusive thoughts fleetingly crossed my mind.  Like, she is looking a bit scruffy and it is time to run a comb over her yet again.  Still, that's the price you pay for having a fluffy cat - lots of grooming required.  You can probably see the bald patch on her right side where I had to groom off a big bobble of knotted fur only the other day).

I then got myself a cup of tea, and sipped it Mindfully whilst taking in the tranquil morning.

I do like a cuppa in a flowery cup.  It makes it special somehow.

There's no doubt about it, there's something in this Mindfulness.  I definitely feel more refreshed and calm.

I know there will be more 'issues' between now and the wedding.  But somehow I feel more confident about facing them without feeling that I am going to sink into a sea of to-do lists and general panic.  And if I do start to feel overwhelmed again, I will try and find some time out to be Mindful!


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