Monday, 16 September 2013

Crochet therapy!

I am on leave from work this week as there are so many last minute things to do for my daughter's wedding.

I have found time, though, for crocheting.  And my goodness, it is so therapeutic to pick it up and slip back into the rhythm and comfort of it.  I genuinely think it is keeping me sane!

Today I finished this scarf.  I found that the simple two-row pattern is easy to memorise after a few rows, and that it progresses quite quickly into a rather nice textured fabric.

As I tend to do, I have tweaked the pattern a little to suit me.  In this case I used a smaller hook than the pattern called for, as I found that my results using the prescribed 9mm hook made the work messy and uneven.  Instead, I used an 8mm for the starting chain and a 6mm for the rest of the scarf.  I also changed the border from dc (sc) to chain loops and slip stitches.  I did contemplate doing another row of chain loops, but decided that I rather like the simplicity as it highlights the scarf's interesting texture and pattern.

So here's the finished product for your edification:

I will now, of course, have to find another project to maintain my sanity until the wedding!


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