Thursday, 10 October 2013

Springing into action

I know, I know, it's not Spring everywhere in the world.  But it is just delightful here, and I hope these pictures from my Spring garden cheer you even if it is not Spring, and please pardon my self-indulgence.

A quince flower tinged in pink . . .

Teeny tiny plums have formed . .

Fried egg flower, erigeron, calendula and coleonema, all flowering madly . . .

The first rose to flower this Spring . . .

and the first columbine (aquilegia) . . .

And finally, triumphant blue spikes of sage.  Love 'em.

Spring is short here - the hot winds of Summer make their inroads all too soon, so it's no wonder my Spring garden is rioting in heady celebration.

BTW, I have sidetracked briefly from crochet scarves - but only a bit.  I saw some lovely cotton yarn, and had a brain storm.  I will fill you in in my next post.

Have a happy and peaceful day.


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