Friday, 1 November 2013

A little bit of happiness . . .

Another pictorial garden post, I'm afraid - I cannot help but rejoice in the riot of colour and movement in my garden.  I just feel so blessed to have a little piece of earth, and be able to share in its bounty.

Here are a few things in my garden that made my day today:

The rock roses (cistus) and pigfaces are in their element at this time of year.

The barrow gardens - this one has fried egg flower finishing and some self-sown petunias popping up.

And my new one has been coming along nicely since this post.  That's oregano at the front, and bronze fennel at the back.

My favourite pelargonium (geranium) is blowsily blooming, just the way I like it.

The honey locust has put on its yellowy lime fronds.

The sage (above) and thyme (below) are a such a mass of honey bees they are literally BUZZING.  The way the bees seem to be in a state of drunken ecstasy, burying themselves deeply into the thyme blooms!  You can see at least two bees in the photos above and below.    

This scruffy looking vegie bed is waiting for me to plant my tomatoes out.  In Canberra, tomatoes are traditionally planted after Melbourne Cup Day (the biggest horse racing carnival of the year, held on the second Tuesday in November), to avoid any risk of frost.  Planting them earlier is 'at your own risk'.  I can't wait till Tuesday - the anticipation is killing me!

And it is good to see the camellias (above) sending up glossy new shoots since their haircut a couple of months ago.  Some years are better than others, weather-wise, for my camellias.  This has been a good spring for them, as we haven't had too many days over 30 degrees yet.

Plants are such natural wonders, aren't they.  They feed us, keep us cool in summer and warm in winter, and look good to boot!


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