Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Botanical beauty

I am not known as a shopping lover.  I find it a chore really, and rarely experience that 'eureka' moment.   But . . . a couple of weeks ago I did.  I saw something in a magazine that my heart could not resist.  I Had to Have It.  And today, it arrived!

I bought this beautiful botanical wall hanging online from Erstwhile, a website with a select collection of maps and botanical prints.  It is called Zimmerpflanzen, which is German for 'house plants'.   It comes from and old German Encyclopaedia, the Meyer Konversations Lexikon, and has been enlarged and printed beautifully on canvas.  

And here it is dressing my lounge room wall!

This wall had been bare for ages while I looked for the perfect adornment.  So, this lovely thing is everything I could have wished for. 

I should add that it is quite large - one metre x 90 cm.  It came with the wooden batons and string all ready to hang.  

Sometimes, things are 'just right.'  This is one of those things.  


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