Sunday, 2 February 2014


We are in the middle of yet another heat wave.  Today was 38.4 degrees Celsius . . . i.e., unbearably hot!  However my diligent watering is paying off and my crops are coming in thick and fast.  I picked these plums today.

The plums are delicious and I have started putting a few of the less presentable ones in the freezer to be made into jam at a later date.  Last year's plum jam was a hit and I have promised my Dad some more this year!

Behind the plums are little tomatoes and zucchinis picked over the last few days.

There are still heaps of plums on the tree - I took the picture below this evening, after picking the ones above.

Ain't nature marvellous?

This is all the more impressive given the amount of fruit I have had to bin over the last couple of weeks,  due to bird damage.  I would say I have lost about a third of the crop to birds . . . mostly cockatoos, I think.  They are a very destructive and long lived species, which means they will remember to come back every year.  On quite a few mornings I have found something like the picture below.

I intend to get some proper fruit tree netting for next year.

I have not picked any quinces yet - it's too early - but they are looking promising.  The picture is a bit blurry as it was getting dark when I took the picture, but you can still see the size of the quinces.  This is the 'Smyrna' variety.

The picture below of the vegie patch shows the size of the two zucchinis in the front bed and the tomato between the beds.  The tomato is now head height and covered in green tomatoes.

We are expecting another hot day tomorrow (37 degrees Celsius) then a respite of cooler weather for a few days.  Thank goodness!  After that it is forecast to get hot again unfortunately.  Still, all I can do it take things one day at a time.

Still, despite the heat I am enjoying my garden's bounty and loving having more than enough to share with others.


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