Saturday, 22 March 2014

Foray into the world of knitting

A lot of people consider knitting and crochet to be similar crafts.  There are similarities, certainly, but the 'doing' of them seems to need a different kind of mental application.

Personally I find crochet gives quick results and I find it easy to correct any mistakes, as all I have to to is unravel to the error and recommence.

I find knitting harder.  While the knitting itself is reasonably straightforward, mistakes are more tricky to fix, and usually mean that I have to unravel the entire project and start again from scratch, which I find frustrating.

Crochet is great for creating texture, such as this, my last minute scarf . . .

and creating design features, such as these daisies I incorporated into a valance . . .

However it is obvious that knitting has some advantages over crochet.  Knitting can create lovely, smooth, fabrics.  It can also accommodate shaping more easily than crochet - for example, when making garments such as gloves or socks.  Smooth socks are more comfy than bobbly ones!

For example, here's my last successful knitting project - a pair of fair isle socks (the pattern is here).  They are a bit rough (particularly at the cuff), but I was pleased that I got there in the end!

So from time to time I feel I should give knitting another go - and here we are.

My 'have a go' project on this occasion is this baby blanket by PurlBee.  I am using yarn from my stash . . . I figured I should try and use up the self-striping yarn I used on this unsatisfactory project.  

The pattern is almost exclusively knit stitch, so nice and easy.  Hopefully I won't make too many mistakes.  I even went out and bought a circular needle!   Until I did a bit of research on why the pattern called for a circular needle, I had not known that circular needles are also useful for non-circular projects that are too wide and heavy for standard knitting needles - such as blankets.  (Thank you once again Doctor Google!)

With past knitting projects my usual modus operandi  to abandon the project if I have to unravel and start again too many times.  But so far, so good . . .

Interestingly, I think the yarn looks a lot more attractive knitted than it did crocheted.

With knitting I can never be sure whether I will persevere and complete the project.  But here goes anyway!


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