Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A double life

Sometimes I feel as if I lead a double life.  Working full time takes up most of my weekdays, but my 'real' life is spent after hours, at the place I love, with the people I love, doing the things I love.  I know I am not alone in this!

But sometimes the stress of my day job leaks into my home life.  My workload has become pretty overwhelming lately due to staff cutbacks, and I have been catching myself thinking about work and dreaming of work when I am not at work - which is never a good sign.

So I am doing my best to consciously find ways of banishing unwelcome thoughts of work from my time at home.

I find immersing myself in simply every day tasks helps.  So,  I have been . . .




hanging and folding washing . . . 

You know, the usual tasks - but with gusto!  I find doing these mundane but necessary tasks allows time for my mind to process stuff without really knowing I am doing it.

Time with family is also helpful, as it helps distract me from focusing on myself!  My adult children are always a joy.

But for me, crochet is the best remedy.

(As you can see I am still working on strips of green and cream cotton for my chequerboard blanket!)

Yep, I just keep coming back to the benefits of crochet!  I can select a project as simple or complex as I like. . . . concentrate on intricacies, or progress something comfortingly repetitive . . . think about yarns and edgings . . . but all the while, part of my mind is free to ponder, while I still get that sense of accomplishment.  I can crochet while listening to music, talking to friends, watching telly, having a cuppa . . . crochet is like having my cake, and eating it too!

And I am feeling all the better for it.


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