Friday, 25 April 2014

A 'hatty' kind of day

The cooler weather has inspired me to start looking for interesting hats.

A couple of weeks ago I indulged in a copy of Simply Crochet (issue 17).  I really enjoy browsing through the patterns and yarny info in crochet magazines.  This one is expensive, being imported from the UK, so buying for myself it was quite a treat.  And see the pretty hat?  It really took my fancy!

Just before we get to the hat though, I want to add that even the advertisements in this magazine are a sight to behold - for example, I am IN LOVE with the gorgeous tea cosy in this Stylecraft ad and have been thinking about buying the pattern online.

Anyway, back to the hat . . .

Most of the yarns prescribed in overseas patterns are either unavailable or hard to find here, so I am getting pretty adept at substituting yarn (with help from Ravelry's yarn conversion tables).  This pattern requires 8 ply cotton, which I just happened to have in my stash - yay!

On looking at the pattern more closely I was initially a bit disconcerted about the instruction to crochet three strands together (and four strands together for the brim).  Still, I was not to be put off - I simply had to get my yarn into separate balls before I started.

It really didn't take very long to get going.

An hour or two later I was up to the brim . . .

 . . . and voila -  I finished the hat this afternoon!

 Here's my daughter modelling it for me.  I think it looks lovely on her -  very jaunty!


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