Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Goal, vs the Journey

As you know, a few weeks ago I was starting to feel a bit bored with my unfinished chequerboard blanket.

 So I started a knitting project to challenge myself.

I felt a bit guilty that I had not completed the chequerboard blanket before embarking on a new project!  But now I realise that sometimes it can be a positive thing to have different kinds of projects on the go.

When I was feeling the need for something comforting and repetitive, I would pick up the crochet.  If I felt the need for something 'a bit different,' I would pick up the knitting.  It seems that I had a hankering not to be driven solely by the desire to finish, but also to relish 'the journey!'  As a pretty goal-driven person, I have needed to make a conscious decision that this is OK.

Interestingly, I have finished the knitting project first (not that it's been about getting to the end, and it is after all a smaller project).

As noted in a previous post, while this yarn was not great for the original crochet project I had in mind, I think the yarn looks great in simple knit stitch.

I still had to pick out a few bits of grass from the yarn as I went, but overall I am more satisfied with the way the yarn worked in this project.  That said, I am sorely tempted to edge it in crochet to finish it off!

The size and shape of this blanket was pretty much governed by the amount of yarn I had.  Its long rectangle shape lends itself to being doubled over.  As such have decided, that it will make a
perfect cat mat for Rosie, who loves to sit on the couch.



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